I Want 15 Children — Mr. Mosh

Posted: 2021-06-20T18:17:35Z
I Want 15 Children — Mr. Mosh

Former Galaxy FM presenter Mr. Mosh Sendi is on a mission to fill this world. The father of two( boy and girl) explained that he has a dream to have 13 more children. 

There is a space of about 10 years between his first child and the second born. He, therefore, has to dedicate his days and nights to endless romping for the rest of his life if he is to produce the desired number of children.

During his swearing-in ceremony as a counselor, Mosh was flanked by his two children, and this raised eyebrows.

Many wondered why he keeps his baby mama a top-secret. He didn’t state, whether he will sire children with different mothers, but he sounded serious about his ambition.