Rabadaba Trashes Maggie’s Ex-boyfriends

Posted: 2021-06-14T18:22:05Z
Rabadaba Trashes Maggie’s Ex-boyfriends

After traditionally marrying Maggie Kiwesi, now Salha, Rabadaba has hit at Maggie’s ex-boyfriends for not handling her well and wooing her to marry them.

Maggie was previously involved in romantic affairs with Grenade, late AK47, socialite Don Nasser and others.

According to Rabadaba, none of those aforementioned could handle Maggie the right way.

“Maggie and I go a long way. We were in school together. I know her so well. I understand her. You know she is not easy, and because of that no man could handle her better than I do,” he said in an interview.

He added that he knows how to treat her, so it won't end in tears as most people think and wish them.