Kabako’s Wife Ddumuna Cries As Singer is  Arrested 

Posted: 2021-06-13T19:44:50Z
Kabako’s Wife Ddumuna Cries As Singer is  Arrested 

Team No Sleep (TNS) singer, Roden Y Kabako is embroiled in land wrangles with yet to be known people whom he claims to want to take his piece of land in Busabala.

Kabako has vowed to put up a fight to deter the land grabbers from taking what belongs to him.

On Sunday, he was briefly arrested at Kibiri police station for trespassing at the land in question.

His wife, Jazira Ddumuna, cried out nonstop during the 15 minutes Kabako was detained. 

While she cries, she questioned why her husband had been arrested. She put up a fight.

It is not yet known what charges were pressed against Kabako.

Social media in-laws have praised Ddumuna for being a good wife any man would wish to have.