News Anchoring Was Not My Thing — Flavia Tumusiime

Posted: 2021-05-29T19:37:17Z
News Anchoring Was Not My Thing — Flavia Tumusiime

Flavia Tumusiime recently quit her job at NTV Uganda where she worked as a news anchor. The news was received by her fans with sadness. Tumusiime has endeavored to explain her decision to quit, saying that she felt, reading news was never her thing.

She revealed through her YouTube channel that she was dragged to anchoring by former NTV boss, Aggie Konde and Maurice Mugisha.

“I was excited to take up the challenge. I love challenges, but one year into news anchoring I felt that the excitement had gone down. I wasn’t enjoying the job. I had wanted to quit but because of the fans who sent messages of encouragement, I showed up,” she said through her personal YouTube channel.

“I am making steps to become the person I want to become,” she explained.

Flavia says she has other dreams she is chasing away from the newsroom.