Bebe Cool Opens Up on Zuena's Bedroom Antics 

Posted: 2021-04-29T18:36:49Z
Bebe Cool Opens Up on Zuena's Bedroom Antics 

Musician Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool is proud of his wife, Zuena Kirema, and he never shy to let everyone know.

In a recent interview with a local YouTuber, Bebe Cool opened up about his sex life. 

He said she is the best person he always dreamed of and having her as a wife is a wonderful thing.

He also revealed Zuena did not waste a lot of his time when they started dating. After the second date, it was game over.

"I don't want ladies who waste people's time. What are you hiding from a man, if you are to give him do it and don't let him plead? I love Zuena because she never wasted my time, on our second day she gave me everything I needed," he partly said.

Zuena and Bebe Cool have been married for 19 years and they are blessed with children.