Fada Pests Appeals For Body Guards

Posted: 2014-10-21T07:17:08Z

Ugandan Dancehall Star appeals for more protection on kampala streets and Ugandan suburbs as crime has costed lives of high and low profile.

In a  connect radio tribute to Mzee Kasiwukira and interviews between Saava Karim and Fada Pest who represented UK to give brief highlights on the future of Ugandan music...Uganda wa gyetulagga.

I believe "the community and Police can Kombat out crime, simply through door to door inquires, (15million price tag to catch a killer)....information will arrive quicker as everyone will fear to commit a crime" says Fada Pest.

Fada continued "I am not showing the authorities how to do there job but at each scene..the public should not do a police job for example there should be a response team that arrives to take samples, codon the area and treat respectfully the dead,  to note briefings from witnesses who could be called for future references to help the case and most important should be the LC chairmen of each town to arrive first on scene to ensure evidence is not subbortaged"

Fada Pest is set to appear on HOWWIE INTERVIEW...very soon. Dont miss out Ugandan Dancehall Star as he takes on questions.

Ugandan streets have became insecure with hired killers who are paid to take life.

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