My Wife Is Not A Drug Addict - Kabako Roars 

Posted: 2021-04-11T19:40:19Z Read: 784 times
My Wife Is Not A Drug Addict - Kabako Roars 

Team No Sleep musician Kabako was introduced by lover Jazira Ddumuna at her parent’s home in Mpigi on Thursday.

The successful ceremony was attended by some of the country’s top celebrities like Sheebah, Lydia Jazmine, and Pastor Wilson Bugembe among others.

Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine snubbed the ceremony despite receiving an invitation from the TNS singer.

On the day of the ceremony, photos of Kabako’s girlfriend smoking weed with friends circulated online leaving many speculating that she is an addict.

Kabako has come out to defend her saying that she doesn’t use drugs.

Kabako claimed the photos are from her past before they even met but everything changed because they are living a purposeful life as a couple.

Kabako also said he is a Muslim and he doesn’t use any narcotics.

Ddumuna and Kabako met in 2015 at Jeff Kiwa’s De Javu bar.