Chameleone denies begging for a collabo from Diamond Platnumz

Posted: 2021-04-10T05:28:55Z Read: 2,771 times
Chameleone denies begging for a collabo from Diamond Platnumz

Musician Jose Chameleone and the late Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli were friends.

Magufuli always praised Chameleone for working hard to see the Swahili language spoken in Uganda.

After his death, Jose Chameleone together with Pallaso traveled to Tanzania to pay last respects to the fallen leader.

However, it was also reported that Jose Chameleone had gone to Tanzania to ask for a collabo from Diamond Platnumz. 

Chameleone was quick to trash the allegations saying he only traveled because of Magufuli, not Diamond Platnumz. “People should learn how to separate kings from princes. I didn’t ask Diamond Platnumz for a collaboration; not because I don’t want it but that was not my aim when I went to Tanzania. I was mourning my friend and I couldn’t do that. If I ever want to do a project with any of them, I will travel for that particular reason,” he said.

It should be noted that Jose Chameleone is regarded by many as East Africa’s finest until Diamond Platnumz took the region by storm.