My Marriage Won't End in Tears - Nina Roz

Posted: 2021-04-04T06:08:39Z Read: 1,887 times
My Marriage Won't End in Tears - Nina Roz

Musician Nina Roz is living her best life with Producer Daddy Andre if we are to go with her latest statements.

The musician says her relationship with Daddy Andre is beyond a romantic affair. They can never split since they find freedom in one another.

Nina Roz says he is a responsible man who has managed to keep her from using drugs that almost ruined her life.

"Our marriage will not end in tears since we didn't start in tears. I thank Daddy Andre for being responsible and keeping me away from drugs. He has helped me that much. Our relationship is solid," she said in a local television interview.

Ever since the Producer visited her parents' home, she has been putting on some healthy weight.