Close friends Betrayed Me, Fuelling my addiction problems - Jackie Chandiru

Posted: 2021-03-31T19:47:16Z Read: 1,072 times
Close friends Betrayed Me, Fuelling my addiction problems - Jackie Chandiru

Singer Chandiru Jackie was one of the members of the dynamic trio, Blu*3 that took the industry by storm in the mid-2000s.

The group that included Cindy, Lillian, and Jackie started falling apart in 2007 when Cindy quit and was replaced by Mya.

The new trio later separated, everyone, taking on a solo career.

Jackie seemed to be more successful than the others before she was swallowed by terrible drug addiction.

Jackie, who is currently recovering after several attempts to make a mega music comeback says she could have recovered from the addiction had it not been people back bitting her, thus fuelling her drug addiction.

According to Jackie,  people close to her always spread fake stories which made her hopeless thus resorting to drugs for comfort.

"My country was not very good to me, people talked and took advantage of the fact that I had an addiction. They created stories around my addiction and in the end, I became hopeless. I was tired. Life was meaningless, I felt worthless, betrayed by those I knew and loved and those around me. I wanted no more of Jackie Chandiru. I didn’t want to exist and it seemed like people would be better off without me, and they did a fine job letting me know in the harshest ways,” she said during a recent interview.

Four years ago, the ‘Gold digger’ singer was admitted at Bunnamwaya Rehabilitation Centre for drug misuse.

Reports indicated that the singer at one point was suicidal and that she was now a suicide watch for a while.