HIV Stigma Led Me to Use Drugs — Mc Kats’ Ex

Posted: 2021-03-25T20:18:51Z
HIV Stigma Led Me to Use Drugs — Mc Kats’ Ex

Faith Ntoborwa, who sprung to fame after allegedly romping with celebrated TV presenter, Mc Kats has made a revelation that she faced a lot of stigmatization when their affair became tabloid fodder.

It can be recalled that Faith leaked videos herself showing how he had enjoyed sex with MC Kats.

During an interview with a local station this week, Faith relayed that she was thrown into a pool of criticism after the video and many people judged her for sleeping with the presenter. 
The complaints, she says, led her into depression, and to find escape, she resorted to using drugs.

“I started using drugs from that point until only a month ago when I was taken to rehab,” she said.

She says she is now feeling better and hopes to become a better person.