I Paid for GNL’s first hit song - Navio

Posted: 2021-03-04T20:44:10Z
I Paid for GNL’s first hit song - Navio

Over the years, a strange relationship between two HipHop giants GNL and Navio has been perceived by the fans as a rivalry.

Despite doing the art in different languages, the fight for supremacy had been their main goal until the Baboon Forest boss quit the local mainstream scene for the USA where he stayed for over five years.

GNL made his comeback in 2020 with two albums, “Nsimbi” and “Spear” that have not had a good reception from the fans.

During an interview, Navio cleared the air on their friendship, claiming that there has never been anything like enmity besides the competition. 

“On my side, I have never had a real problem with GNL Zamba. It has always been a friendly competition in my view. And even in the earlier days, I never mentioned him on TV. He was the first one who mentioned me,” Navio said.

He also noted that he paid for GNL’s first hit song, "Soda Jinjale".

“I never knew there was any problem but I think living in someone’s shadow frustrated him. I have never had any issues with him. I paid for ‘Soda Jinjale’ and his other personal stuff plus his studio time. So you know, I am one of his sponsors and I have no problem with him and his crew,' he added.

GNL, however, claims he recorded the song using his savings