I Rejected Zahara Toto, She is Dry —Tycoon Lwasa

Posted: 2021-02-18T20:21:33Z
I Rejected Zahara Toto, She is Dry —Tycoon Lwasa

City tycoon Lwasa Emmanuel known for dating several celebrities has blasted Zahara Toto for trying to tarnish his name. 
Zahara allegedly tried to extort a car and a plot of land from the loaded businessman but his hands got glued to his pockets.

Disappointed Zahara tried to attack his housewife to get back at him.

She went ahead to start a conspiracy that he is sleeping with TV star, Diana Nabatanzi.

According to Lwasa, Zahara is an evil-minded person who enjoys detoothing men.

"Am not dating Diana Nabatanzi, Zahara Totto is spreading false information to tarnish my name because I rejected her. She's doing all this out of anger. Zahara wanted me to fall in love with her and I refused so she's trying to revenge," Lwasa said in a local television interview.

He added that he loves his women juicy and curvy like Desire Luzinda.