I  Can’t Bend low for Bobi Wine - Kato Lubwama 

Posted: 2021-01-19T20:53:27Z
I  Can’t Bend low for Bobi Wine - Kato Lubwama 

Over the weekend, it was announced that Kato Lubwama had lost the Rubaga South Parliamentary seat to NUP’s Mukasa Aloysious.

This came after series of self-praise by the comedian who on several occasions claimed that he was a bigger brand for Bobi Wine’s entire NUP party.

When he was asked to admit that he lost his parliamentary seat because Bobi Wine influences Ugandan politics, Kato Lubwama said he wouldn’t kneel for Bobi Wine simply because he wants to get praises from NUP supporters.

  “Bobi Wine is a political amateur. I can’t stoop low for his blessings. I am bigger than that and not as cheap as the MPs who accepted to bend low, ” he said.

Kato Lubwama stood as an Independent candidate and a few months ago, he confessed that he was in Parliament to satisfy his personal needs.