Bebe Cool silences critics after meeting Sevo

Posted: 2021-01-11T19:50:18Z Read: 1,209 times
Bebe Cool silences critics after meeting Sevo

A week ago, NRM mobilizers Catherine Kusasira, King Michael, Buchanan, Full Figure, and others met President Museveni at State House. 

Soon after the meeting, King Michael took to the media to throw jibes at Bebe Cool for allegedly being silenced by Sevo for failure to account for the money he had earlier received.  

Bebe Cool kept silent about the matter and several entertainment critics and opposition supporters trolled him, branding him a loser.

However, he has silenced his haters after posting a video while in State House with Sevo.

In the video, Sevo endorsed Bebe Cool’s Silent Majority mobilizing team.