I Have Never Run Broke — Judith Heard

Posted: 2021-01-10T19:23:35Z Read: 1,526 times
I Have Never Run Broke — Judith Heard

Socialite Judith Heard has dismissed claims that she is no longer has deep pockets. 

Judith Heard who is fondly referred to as JH by her friends said last week while appearing on TV that she is not penniless as people say, but she decided to stop doing certain things when she grew up.

“People no longer beg money from me. They don’t burden me with their problems, and that’s okay,” she said.

JH was once a big spender and came close to be referred to as a ‘tycoon’

She owned a boutique and also got money from her ex-husband Dr. Heard.

Her fortunes changed when she split with Heard.