Bobi Wine is Blackmailing Security - Bebe Cool 

Posted: 2020-12-02T20:39:03Z Read: 1,493 times
Bobi Wine is Blackmailing Security - Bebe Cool 

Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine have been sworn enemies for years.

Their relationship is even getting worse due to their political differences and affiliations. Bobi Wine is a presidential candidate while Bebe Cool is a strong supporter of President Museveni, who is also a Presidential aspirant. 

While talking about the current events sorrounding Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool claimed that Bobi Wine’s strategy is to blackmail security by creating emergencies in the country. 

The Gagamel boss further emphasized that the said security guard who's said to have thrown a canister at Bobi Wine was working under the instructions of Bobi Wine. He requested police to carry out investigations and bring all the culprits to books of justice.