Irene Ntale Reignites Beef with Tina Fierce

Posted: 2020-11-09T19:56:17Z
Irene Ntale Reignites Beef with Tina Fierce

Musician Irene Ntale is not on good terms with Tina Fierce after colliding on social media.

Ntale, who is always tweeting about anything which makes her happy over the weekend received backlash from Tina Fierce for not criticing Uganda Police against brutality.

Ntale has since been making different tweets targeting Tina Fierce. In one of her latest, she said the troubled TV star is no different from the   Police that terrorise citizens .

"Social media bullying does not stop police brutality. Both social media bullying and Police brutality eliminate free will. Coming here to insult me unfortunately will not stop police brutality," she tweeted in response to Tina Fierce's call for celebrities to voice their concerns against police brutality.