I am not bothered by naysayers - Nina Roz 

Posted: 2020-10-29T20:50:13Z Read: 4,346 times
I am not bothered by naysayers - Nina Roz 

Musician Nina Roz's boyfriend, Daddy Andre visited her family on Friday last week.

Their relationship has since received alot of criticism from the media and public.

Media personalities like Luzze Anderson openly said the couple is not compatible. 

Fans also questioned the state of the relationship given the fact that Daddy Andre was dating Angella Katatumba less than 6 months ago and so the two did not get enough time to bond. 

In new interview with one of the city radio stations,  said she does whatever she wants and will never be bothered by naysayers. 

“I choose Daddy Andre and he chose me. We made these decisions as individuals. They can talk as much as they want. I am not bothered,” she said.