I’m Not a Prostitute — Doreen Kabareebe 

Posted: 2020-10-18T20:41:21Z Read: 3,318 times
I’m Not a Prostitute — Doreen Kabareebe 

Doreen Kabareebe has defended her recent semi-nude pictures saying she posts them for fun and to show her artistic side.

Kabareebe was appearing on NBS Sabula on Saturday when she said as a professional model, she is free to do whatever she wants with her body.

When the show host, Kayz projected her as a prostitute on the premise that she posts nude pictures, she vehemently denied the suggestion.

Furious Kabareeba  almost came to blows with him. She threatened to unleash her anger to any other journalist who suggests she sleeps around.

Kabareebe recently said she is a virgin.