No Money Can Buy Me From KFM - Doreen Nasasira

Posted: 2020-10-18T20:22:36Z
No Money Can Buy Me From KFM - Doreen Nasasira

Doreen Nasasira, the sweet-voiced KFM Radio love doctor confirmed that she can't leave the station over money.

She is the voice behind the K-Zone, a night show that runs from 8pm to midnight, from Monday to Friday.

She explained that the management believed in her when she least expected it, and now she feels at home.

She added that those interested in her job need to wait a little longer.

"KFM is the biggest Radio in Uganda. I don't think I am ever leaving. It has provided me with the best opportunities and I don't regret working with KFM," she explained during an interview with a local TV.

As much as Nasasira helps mend hearts during the show, the job is tough as it comes.

She revealed several men flood her inbox expressing interest in her and sometimes, it feels uncomfortable.