I Bleached For Freedom and Peace of mind - Bad Black

Posted: 2020-09-01T20:57:43Z Read: 1,414 times
I Bleached For Freedom and Peace of mind - Bad Black

Despite the common slogan that Black is Beauty , some women still prefer fair or light skin tones over darker ones. The Ugandan media  has perpetuated the controversial notion that beauty equals a light skin and thus put a lot of undue pressure on celebrities and socialites. The number of women who bleach in Uganda increase everyday.

Controversial  socialite Shanita Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black completely transformed her body from dark to a brown beauty many years ago. Some of her former friends couldn't recognize her skin tone.

In a recent interview, she narrated that she bleached because she wanted to feel free and beautiful. 

The Kandahar vendor confessed that most of her clients loved brown ladies. She had to bleach to make more money and feel modern.

"Changing my body colour was just for showbiz and I am not complaining about it or to God that created me in a way I didn't appreciate. To bleach is peace, modernity, freedom and everything related to that," she said in an interview with a local television.