Zahara Toto's Contract With MTN On the Line 

Posted: 2020-08-11T21:08:50Z Read: 2,720 times
Zahara Toto's Contract With MTN On the Line 

Gossip monger Zahara Totto who recently landed a mega deal with MTN Uganda might be in hot soup with the company over unprofessional conduct.

The events MC and presenter of the NBS Uncut show is the  co-host of the MTN Uganda MoMo Nyabo promotion that has been rewarding Ugandans who use the service.

Zahara Toto's recent conduct in the face of her bitter split with her boyfriend Don Solo has left managers at MTN gritting their teeth in dismay.

According to insiders at the telecommunication company, managers are not happy at how she  handling the breakup. She unleashed venom towards Solo, hurling all kinds of insults at her estranged boyfriend. 

She has been writing  loads of obscenities to shame her boyfriend on social media. 

She has reportedly been advised to behave in a way that does not drag the image of the company through mud or she risks losing the gig.

One of the videos circulating online shows Zahara Toto trying to fight with her now ex-boyfriend. She looks visibly drunk in the video.

In another video, she is seen fighting with her lover on a public road. She has exposed herself as a silly drinker, a habit MTN doesn’t approve of.