Don Solo is a Fraudster — Zahara Toto 

Posted: 2020-08-10T21:57:41Z Read: 3,404 times
Don Solo is a Fraudster — Zahara Toto 

TV presenter Zahara Toto is no stranger to washing her dirty linen in public.

Over the weekend, she announced her breakup with socialite Don Solo on Snapchat.

She said, “You all whores who have been sleeping with my boyfriend can now have him officially. I have left that an**”

She went on to confirm that Don Solo is a fraudster and a cheat. She suggested in her posts that she tried to be good to him but he is not ready to settle down. 

She has already moved with her on and off boyfriend, Reuben Robert.

“He is respectful, caring, passionate and rich. He is not like the an** and fraudster," furious Zahara Toto confirmed her reunion with Robert Reuben.