Chameleone to pay 77M To URA in installments

Posted: 2020-08-05T21:34:58Z Read: 2,360 times
Chameleone to pay 77M To URA in installments

Singer Jose Chameleone was dragged to court by Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) over tax evasion.

The latest is that Chameleone has agreed pay to 77 million shillings to the tax body. 

State attorney, Hilda Bakanansa told the court  that Chameleone had written to URA agreeing to settle the issue outside court.

Hilda Bakanansa made the revelation before Chief Magistrate, Pamela Lamunu Ocaya.

Chameleone signed a memorandum of understanding with URA to pay 20 million shillings every month.

Incase Chameleone fails to pay, the agreement will be terminated and he will be arrested. 

Chameleone is accused of possession of a South Sudanese vehicle registration number SSD 499B Toyota Land Cruiser V8 Model without documents regarding its legal status in Uganda.

According to URA, the car is  valued at Shs 137M.