I Don’t Regret Abusing Chameleone — Diggy Baur

Posted: 2020-07-30T21:28:21Z Read: 2,038 times
I Don’t Regret Abusing Chameleone — Diggy Baur

When Chameleone and Producer Diggy Baur fell out a month or so ago, Diggy Baur spat venom much more than an angry snake would.

He curse and called Chameleone names. As if that was not a enough, Diggy Baur said Chameleone would only become a mayor over his dead body. He said words even Stella Nyanzi would not use at a nalongo convention.

Chameleone remained silent about the matter. A few days ago, Chameleone visited him at his studio in Makindye and apologized for his misdeeds.

The two agreed to send their hatchet down the grave. Diggy Baur has, however, said he will not retract his words. He says he doesn’t regret even a word. 

“Chameleone knows I said whatever I said out of anger. He knows me. I am mad. I can't any word back,” he said.