Bad Black attacks Mike Mukula over Bryan White

Posted: 2020-07-21T21:34:39Z Read: 2,433 times
Bad Black attacks Mike Mukula over Bryan White

She claimed she had an intimate relationship with Capt. Mike Mukula a few years ago.

And she alleges that she knows him very well.

Socialite Bad Black is not scared of him like other women in the city.

After visiting bedridden Bryan White at his home on Monday, she attacked Capt. Mike Mukula for slapping false charges against Bryan White. 

In a video that has been making rounds on social media, the outspoken socialite said Mike Mukula should leave Bryan White alone.

It should be remembered that Capt. Mike Makula fell out with Bryan White over unpaid debts. Police went over to socialite Bryan White’s house, arrested him and seized his cars over accumulated debts of over Shs500 millions. The cars that were seized included a Mercedes Benz registration number UBB 480Z that Capt. Mike Mukula had sold to him but failed to clear fully.

Bryan White spent a few days in Police detention but was later released in what appeared to be an arrangement by Mukula and events promoter Balaam Barugahara.