Spice Diana: I Have No Beef With Cindy 

Posted: 2020-07-09T21:35:09Z Read: 2,637 times
Spice Diana: I Have No Beef With Cindy 

Cindy Sanyu was not pleased when Spice Diana was named the female artiste of the year at Zzina Awards. 

Cindy felt she deserved the award. She went as far as announcing that no one should ever nominate her again.

This was translated by many as a dig at Spice Diana, one intended to undermine her potential. To Spice Diana's fans, Cindy became an enemy.

Asked about her relationship with Cindy, she said she is good friends with self proclaimed King Herself.

“Cindy is my fan. There is no bad blood between us. We talk. She has my number and I have hers,” she explained.