I am the Richest musician in Uganda - Gabriel K

Posted: 2020-07-01T20:26:20Z Read: 1,847 times
I am the Richest musician in Uganda -  Gabriel K

The R$B sensational singer has slowly been winning fans because of his soulful voice.

Gabriel K recently held an online concert and it was a success. To penetrate the music industry and expand his fanbase, he decided to advertise his music albums on several billboards around the city.

He also has a numbers of adverts on different television stations in the country.

But his music is still failing to reach the public. It is rarely played on TV and Radio stations.

A big percentage of  people find his music boring since it is delivered in Queen's language and they find it hard to relate with it. 

He is actually a bill board musician as many suggest. 

In an interview with a local YouTuber,  he said he does music out of love and passion. He hardly make money out of it.

"I am the most tichest musician in Uganda, and my music is not for money. I can still be a wealthy man even without singing," he bragged while talking to a local YouTuber.