Tamale Mirundi Abandons Frank Gashumba On The Last Hour

Posted: 2020-06-22T20:33:12Z Read: 3,931 times

Former presidential press secretary, Tamale Mirundi  snubbed Frank Gashumba's invitation to appear on his new online  show named Fire and Fury that was launched on Monday at 3:00pm .

The highly publicised event turned out to be a flop after Tamale Mirundi failed to show face, leaving Frank Gashumba frustrated. 

Tamale Mirundi who was banned from appearing at any TV or radio station in the country, has been trying to remain relevant by appearing online. Many people were waiting for Tamale Mirundi's analysis on current affairs and also to expose the mafias who are said to behind his problems.

Frank Gashumba, who appeared on the show alone  kept telling viewers that  Tamale Mirundi was on his way until late in the evening.

Insiders in Tamale's camp say that Mirundi was informed that Gashumba is friends with the Mafias who are determined to fail him. He decided to abandoned his show.