Mc Kats Never Believed in Me - Levixone

Posted: 2020-06-18T20:33:35Z Read: 2,487 times
Mc Kats Never Believed in Me - Levixone

Gospel sensational singer opened up about his early years in the music industry. He revealed that while was starting his career, many people never took him serious. They thought he would give up on his dream.

He said that Mc Kats never believed in him when he was kick starting his career. 

Mc Kats used to chase him off stage at different events around town.

He often referred to him as a joker who had no talent but love for music.

"I remember one day Mc Kats said he doesn't deal with jokers and refused me from performing. But i am here today and I  proved many wrong. Gospel music is life," he said during an interview with a local YouTuber