I left USA because of Racism - Pallaso

Posted: 2020-06-12T11:58:11Z Read: 1,723 times
I left USA because of Racism - Pallaso

Musician Pallaso returned to Uganda 7 years ago after spending almost a decade in USA.

Formerly known as Mr. Lizard, Pallaso travelled to USA with his brother Jose Chameleone but he never came back. He disappeared in thin air and rumours say he was in behind bars.

After failing to make a breakthrough in the states , he returned to Uganda to establish his music career.

The “Kilila” hitmaker managed to make a mega return onto the music scene with a song 'Go down low' that featured Sheebah Karungi. This hit song ushered him in the music industry and managed to garner him a sizeable fan base.

But he had never opened up on why he left USA, a place many consider as a dream destination.

A day ago, Pallaso opened up about his stay abroad. He confirmed that he faced racism very many times.

 “I saw my friends being sent to jail, tortured for no reason and I could not handle anymore, I had to come back home,” Pallaso said during an interview when he was asked about his experience as a Black man in the states.