Exclusive: How Ashburg Katto Sold His Soul To Museveni For Reportedly UGX 500M Offer

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Exclusive: How Ashburg Katto Sold His Soul To Museveni For Reportedly UGX 500M Offer

Ashburg Katto deserted Bobi Wine’s camp, People Power, announcing that he now subscribes to President Museveni’s National Resistance Movement. 

For ages, he has been drumming up for Bobi Wine from his days as a full time musician. Ashburg’s fanaticism for Bobi Wine displayed through his social posts earned him popularity on social media. Until Tuesday, a day would never go without him posting about the People Power leader, singing his praises. Along with the posts about Bobi Wine, he threw in news items especially about celebrities.

He describes himself as a blogger. His bio reads, “I sensitize, I diss, I teach.”

To many people, Ashburg Kato was the face of People Power on the internet. And before that, he was seen as the face of Fire Base Army online, Bobi Wine's fans group.

He mobilized members for different activities. And often led social media wars to attack anyone against Bobi Wine the artiste, politician and all. 

His desertion came as a great shock to many people who follow politics in Uganda. Ashburg, who referred to Bobi Wine as Fada (to mean father), gave the impression that if you cut his skin, the name Bobi Wine would come out of him instead of blood. 

Why He Fell Out with Bobi Wine

According to sources, Ashburg’s allegiance to Bobi Wine started to take a dive downwards last year when he was arrested. He expected Bobi Wine to come to his rescue, but he didn’t. For weeks, the social media celebrity stayed locked up in jail until some of his friends managed to get him out.

He was advised then to desert Bobi Wine for not helping him, but a source says, “Ashburg refused.”

He remained loyal, but it was only a matter of time for him to change allegiance from a brand he has associated with for more than a decade. 

There’s a point last year when Ashburg was allegedly kidnapped but again, Bobi Wine didn’t bother to help. His friends like Ray Supasta and Piz Clak moved from one police station to another looking for him. When he was found safe, Bobi Wine posted  about the incident, giving false impression that he had helped.

His failure to stand with Ashburg in times of need, stirred feelings of disinterest in Bobi Wine and his agendas. Nonetheless, he continued to post regularly about Bobi Wine and People Power activities but his heart was dismayed.

When NRM brokers tabled the idea to have him switch allegiance, it was an easy decision for him.

Ashburg is said to have been offered Ugx 75 millions and this came with the ‘opportunity’ to meet the head of state, Museveni. This is said to have been arranged by promoter Balaam Barugahara, an ardent supporter of Museveni. 

Ashburg Kato claimed to have met the President this week, but sources say the meeting took place in February last year. And that the President gave him 500M in exchange of Bobi’s secrets and his Ghetto youth projects. 

Bobi Wine is said to have learnt about this meeting and he has been keeping Ashburg away from the special People Power sittings and plans.

When news broke that he had switched camps, Ashburg informed  his followers that he has not benefited from Bobi Wine. It was time to move on to a new chapter in his life.

 “Apart from giving us mentions, posting our pictures and throwing us cheap parties. There is nothing he has done for me. And most of his strong supporters,” Ashburg Kato commented when he was asked why he abandoned Bobi Wine.

Ashburg Kato, however, denies getting money from Museveni. 

He said he was given five cows and an ear. 

“I gave the President my proposal aimed at helping the youth in the ghettos. He liked it and promised to fund the project,” he posted.

Ghetto TV, the online People Power channel also dismissed him after knowing about his secret meeting with the President.

Ashburg Kato is one of the co-founders of Ghetto TV. His partners are said to have kept quiet about his dealings with Museveni and they have been working with him with caution. 

A statement was  released yesterday informing people that he no longer works with Ghetto TV.

Just recently, Ashburg Kato received relief food from Balaam and Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba. He received food on behalf of bloggers, and he distributed accordingly.

He has been getting backlash from People Power supporters, some calling him a mole among other things.

He knew he would be exposed anytime so he had to come clean about his meeting with the President.

Bobi Wine Reacts

Bobi Wine responded through a comment on a post by one of People Power supporters and said, “When you stand for the truth, better be ready to stand alone.”