American rapper Rick Ross coming to Uganda 

Posted: 2020-05-13T08:15:28Z Read: 2,246 times
American rapper Rick Ross coming to Uganda 

The world has been in a state of confusion ever since the first case cases of Covid-19 were reported.

A number of concerts, events, games and many more activities that attract masses were put on hold.

This forced a number of stakehoders in different sectors of economies to re-organise and re-strategize away foward .

Event organisers Swangz Avenue, Talent Africa and Malembe have decided to come together to organise a post Covid-19 Charity concert that will be headlined by American rapper Rick Ross.

Rick Ross, a 6 time Grammy Nominee will jet into the country at a date yet to be confirmed and will perform at a venue which is also yet to be confirmed.

The proceeds from this concert will be contributed towards  supporting health workers.

Insiders say, the organizers are hoping that after few months, the government will allow public gatherings in the country.