Spice Diana's Mum Warns Men Against Her Daughter 

Posted: 2020-05-11T07:44:31Z Read: 2,497 times
Spice Diana's Mum Warns Men Against Her Daughter 

Musician Spice Diana has always described her mum as her mentor and saviour.

Her mother, Nantale Beatrice, says she beat all odds to raise her. She gave birth at the age of 14 and was helped by her elder sisters to raise the singer.

She has cautioned men who are preparing to date her daughter that they will have to pass her tests to determine if they are good for her.

She explained that Spice Diana has always dreamt big and she hasn't yet achieved her dreams, men should stay away for now as  she is still concentrating on music.

"She always wanted to be a musician and she achieved her wish. I pray no man comes in her life now to drive her away from music. She has not yet achieved even a half of her dreams," Spice Diana's mum revealed.