Ykee Benda warned Off Sheila Nduhukire

Posted: 2020-04-25T09:12:59Z Read: 5,152 times
Ykee Benda warned Off Sheila Nduhukire

Musician Wycliffe Tugume aka Ykee Benda has a weakness for curvy ladies. 

He recently confessed  his feelings for NBS news anchor, Sheilah Nduhukire. He says she gives him sleepless nights.

"23rd April, an angel was given to us.... She grew into a graceful confident woman of character... what a time to be alive.... allow me wish my everyday crush a happy birthday. The sunshine," Ykee Benda posted.

He also changed his Twitter profile photo and replaced it with Sheila Nduhukire's photo.

This sent tongues wagging  and many tweeps warned Ykee Benda to stay away from her if he still needs to live  in peace.

"Bajja kukuba Kiboko Oyimbe Amina.. Amina... Aminaah mu lufarasa," Patrick Kanyomozi retweeted.

"My friend 😂😂😂 it will end in tears and I tell you this from a personal experience, " A Pass tweeted.

Sheilah Nduhukire is linked romantically to a top government honcho.