Is Cindy’s Love Affair One Sided?

Posted: 2020-04-13T07:39:07Z Read: 3,200 times
Is Cindy’s Love Affair One Sided?

Cindy Sanyu’s boyfriend Prince Joel Atiku recently proposed to her and got a yes. Since then, their relationship has been public. Cindy enjoys to talk about him, and also doesn’t spend a week without posting a picture of him on social media.

She uploads pictures while they’re shopping, playing around in the living room, and many other moments. 

Atiku doesn’t share pictures of Cindy for public viewing. He prefers to post himself or his two children. The only time he posted her was when she said yes.

 Since then, there has been no posts to match Cindy’s. Cindy said she is in love again, but we wonder, is it not just her in it alone?

The guy seems to be holding back, planning carefully for his next move.