I am Impressed by Chameleone's Actions - Bobi Wine

Posted: 2020-03-19T06:44:25Z Read: 2,352 times
I am Impressed by Chameleone's Actions - Bobi Wine

Many people have been wondering if Bobi Wine  will support his fellow comrade José Chameleone in his bid for Lord mayorship of Kampala.

Bobi Wine confirmed recently that Chameleone he has full support as he chases his political ambitions.

According to Bobi Wine , Chameleone is siding with the oppressed populace.

He openly talks about the bad and the good in society. 

Bobi Wine says he has inspired many musicians and what he call "rastas" to join active politics and he pledged total support to all musicians that support the well-being of a common man.

"I didn't join politics to get money, I was already well off. I joined to inspire the many musicians, journalists and many other wonderful people that we should engage in deciding the future of our country. I will have total support to Jose Chameleone. His actions  side with the oppressed," Bobi Wine said when asked on whether he would support José Chameleone in his bid to run as Lord mayor of Kampala.