Diamond Platnumz Cheats On Tanasha ... Girlfriend Cries On Social Media

Posted: 2020-03-02T07:27:46Z
Diamond Platnumz Cheats On Tanasha ... Girlfriend Cries On Social Media

Diamond Platnumz fourth baby mama Tanasha Donna is fed up with his promiscuous and narcissistic behavior.

In explosive texts she shared on Instagram, Tanasha described Diamond as a narcissist, advising women to keep off such men. She also talked about how toxic narcissists can be.

Trouble in Diamond and Tanasha’s relationship started after he publicly announced that she was seven months pregnant.

This followed by rumours of cheating allegations linking Diamond to Lulu Diva, Tanzanian socialite Lynn, Rwandese model Shaddy Boo among other women in East Africa.

In a bitter post, Tanasha wrote,

If your character ain’t right, you ain’t got it figured out and still got a long way to go. You might think that you’re smart cause things are moving, but its only for the short run. To play it for the long run, it has to start from within. It starts with your character. Character develops habits. Then habits creates long-term success. “yes men” ain’t the type of people to be around. The more they massage your ego, the more blind you become to attaining wisdom. Protect your soul.

The former NRG presenter, jetted back in the country on Sunday evening after spending close to a week in Tanzania after her EP album failed launch.

#2020 you had it all written already god. 🏽🏽 you knew this was the year…,’ she wrote.