Muhangi Beef Has Damaged My Reputation — Salvado

Posted: 2020-02-21T07:03:50Z
Muhangi Beef Has Damaged My Reputation — Salvado

Alex Muhangi and Salvador have been beefing for a good number of years. The two were once best friends and also worked together. 

Ever since they fell out, they have been exchanging words through the media.

Just last week, they staged parallel shows at nearby venues which many say has intensified their beef.

Salvador, however, says he is tired of the bad blood because it is damaging his image.

“When people google me they see those stories about me fighting with Muhangi. It’s unfortunate and I hate it. I want people to google and find the shows I have shut down,” he says.

Salvador says he is going to be spreading love this year and won’t respond to beef.