Celebrate People Before their Death -  Chameleone tells Ugandans

Posted: 2020-02-04T06:31:40Z Read: 1,360 times
Celebrate People Before their Death -  Chameleone tells Ugandans

Musician Mowzey Radio died on 1st, February 2018 and this day will forever remain in the hearts of Ugandans.

Musician Jose Chameleone asked music lovers to always support  people before they meet their creator.

He says he learnt long time ago that Ugandans celebrate people they love after they die. It is the reason he produced "Basima Ogenze" in 2008.

"It was in 2008, when I realised that they would rather send condolence money than give you a helping hand. I walked into Audio one Studios and together with Paddy Man we made Basima Ogenze," he posted on his Facebook page.

Chameleone said he always visited Radio at his home in Neverland and they always remembered AK47 whom until now they are not certain of what took his life.