Peace Talks: Ronald Mayinja to Meet With Bobi Wine

Posted: 2020-01-23T07:32:05Z Read: 3,597 times
Peace Talks: Ronald Mayinja to Meet With Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine commended fellow singer  Ronald Mayinja  after opening up to President Museveni during Catherine Kusasira's concert at Kampala Serena Hotel last year.

And everyone thought the two would stick together for long.

People Power supporters were left in shock two weeks back when Ronald Mayinja announced he formed a party named  'Peace For All, All For Peace' , a  movement which is meant to divide People Power supporters.

Various Media houses reported Mayinja got over 600 Uganda million shillings from NRM government.

Mayinja denies the allegations.

The 'Bizeemu' singer has now hinted on meeting Bobi Wine for reconciliation

He says Bobiwine has always supported him I terms of music and politics. So he thinks it's better for both of them to meet.

"I have always admired Bobi Wine, he is resilient and a freedom fighter. I am going to meet him as soon as he lands in the country from Jamaica. People power fans should know I am on the same mission with them," he said during a local television Interview