Sevo's music is trash - Promoter Bajjo

Posted: 2019-12-12T07:56:05Z Read: 4,009 times
Sevo's music is trash - Promoter Bajjo

Music promoter Balaam Barugahare dropped a single from President Museveni’s album dubbed ’Nwonka Tukarugahare’ and it has been trending.

And events organiser Bajjo is not impressed with Sevo's work. He says his music trash. 

“Museveni and his song are both trash. They are fit for the dustbin,” he said.

Bajjo’s comments came after a section of public disapproved Sevo's new release.

Musician Roden Y Kabako also said Museveni is not fit enough to be a musician. 

While appearing on one of the leading local TV stations for an interview, he emphasized that he is a disgrace to the entertainment industry.

However, Balaam insists that the music is up to standard and they are planning on staging an album launch at Kololo Airstrip.

We shall keep you posted.