Rema Is High Maintenance Woman - Kenzo's Relatives

Posted: 2019-11-21T05:16:36Z Read: 10,554 times
Rema Is High Maintenance Woman - Kenzo's Relatives

Eddy Kenzo's relatives have come out to reveal that Rema Namakula used to demand extra special treatment from Kenzo. Her requests were so outrageous.

It is alleged that Kenzo used to spend 3 million weekly on Rema.

From things like make up to airtime, birthdays, shopping sprees and fuel among others.  

This was evident  recently when she organised an introduction shower, a thing which had never happened in Uganda before.

She also used to ask for  Shs 500,000 daily for their children's ( Maya, Aamal and Kenzo's niece) upkeep.

She had access to one of Kenzo's bank accounts where she was a signatory.

Rema is also in charge of   Aamal's account with  Jess Diary where she is an ambassador. Kenzo allegedly never asked for the accountability for the money paid to his daughter