Yes, I Whooped My Maid - Winnie Nwagi

Posted: 2019-09-30T07:22:33Z Read: 3,433 times
Yes, I Whooped My Maid - Winnie Nwagi

When Winnie Nwagi appears in the news these days, it’s because she has fought. Yesterday her house-help came out to say she had been beaten by the singer without any mercy.

The house-help whose name is Scovia says she was sick at the time she was beaten.

Scovia says she was beaten because she took Nwagi’s water bottle with her while going to hospital. This was without Nwagi’s permission.

The house-help claims to have lost money (200,000Ugx) and a phone during the scuffle. She wants to be compensated.

Nwagi confirms she beat up the house-help but denies destroying the phone and taking money from Scovia.