Beef: Cindy Responds To Sheebah’s Latest Slamming

Posted: 2019-09-05T08:13:06Z
Beef: Cindy Responds To Sheebah’s Latest Slamming

The beef between Sheebah and Cindy took another twist a few days ago after  Sheebah threw jibes at Cindy during  an interview.

When she was asked to comment  on Kenzo-Rema break up, Sheebah said,  “I don’t have time to discuss someone else’s relationship. Maybe you should go and ask Cindy because she is the one who likes meddling in matters that don’t concern her."

This didn't go well with Cindy who took to her instagram to respond  to Sheebah.  She insinuated that Sheebah’s ego is a result  of fast fame.

“Fast fame builds ego.Slow success builds character,” part of Cindy’s post read.

Well, this beef could have been settled long time ago with a music battle but Sheebah chickened out. Let’s see where it will end this time around.