Rema is a B*tch - Kalifah Aganaga

Posted: 2019-09-05T06:32:24Z Read: 5,615 times
Rema is a B*tch - Kalifah Aganaga

Faded musician Kalifah Aganaga has attacked Rema Namakula again saying she is a bitch. He claims she is only good at sex.

This came after it was confirmed that Rema had dumped Kenzo for a new man, Hamza Ssebunya whom she is set to introduce in November.

In 2018, Aganaga said   Rema had sang about her personal life, giving him the platform to respond.

"When Rema released the song, 'Silimuyembe' everyone was talking about it including my girlfriend. She was supposed to keep her dirty linen private," he explained after attacking Rema through a song titled, sister.

It was also reported that Kenzo had paid him to attack Rema.