Judith Babirye Is Not Pregnant - Father Confirms

Posted: 2019-08-25T07:52:25Z Read: 2,735 times
Judith Babirye Is Not Pregnant -  Father Confirms

Reports have been doing the rounds that Judith Babirye, a musician and MP flew out of the country with a bun in her oven.

According to Mukoza Henry, her father, she left  in April this year.

Mukoza however dismisses claims that Babirye is pregnant and that she flew out to deliver.

"She cannot go out to deliver from as far as USA. We have facilities here to enable her to deliver safely and she has sang about our good hospitals. I can’t let her go abroad," he explained.

Mukoza suggests that Babirye flew out on official duties.

However, other reports suggested that she had been poisoned.  She was rushed abroad  for treatment. He debunks those allegations too.

“My daughters only disease is being a celebrity. If she wasn’t famous, no one would be talking about her going to America. She has always gone there,” he added.