Sheebah Karungi Desperate To end beef with Cindy

Posted: 2019-08-06T07:35:31Z Read: 4,447 times
Sheebah Karungi Desperate To end beef with Cindy

For months now, singers Sheebah Karungi and Cindy  Sanyu have not seen eye to eye.

It all started when Cindy said Sheebah’s talent is lacking. She asked Sheebah for a music battle but she was turned down.

Cindy called the Swag mama a dummy artiste who was not capable of doing something on her own.

In response, Sheebah asked Cindy to show what she has gained from music.

There was a lot of hate speech all over the social media between the two camps.

Sheebah is now determined to end the feud.

Sheebah posted a video on her social media platforms dancing to Cindy’s new song, Boom Party.

Cindy said she was shocked and thanked her for enjoying her new song.

Sheebah’s move has attracted praises from music fans.