SHAME: Spice Diana's Manager Flexes With Kalifah Over 1GB Flash Disk

Posted: 2019-07-16T06:44:52Z Read: 2,120 times
SHAME: Spice Diana's Manager Flexes With Kalifah Over 1GB Flash Disk

Singer Kalifah Aganaga and Spice Diana's manager, Roger Lubega are not seeing eye to eye after the singer confiscated a flash drive that had Spice Diana's music at Wave Lounge in Kololo.

The drama started when musician  Aganaga requested DJ Mercy and Mc Kats to play Fresh Daddy's Song "Mazike". The DJ declined, referring to the song as 'garbage' and ordered Kalifah to step down from the DJ's box.

Shortly after, Spice Diana's manager, Roger Lubega, came with a flash drive and requested the Dj to play Spice Diana's song, which he did, something that angered Kalifah,prompting him to go back to the Dj's Box. He exchanged words with Dj Mercy and MC Kats before pulling manager Roger's flash drive out of the Dj's laptop.

Music was stopped for a couple of minutes and MC Kats vowed that they won't play Fresh Daddy's song.

Kalifah Aganaga together with Fresh Daddy took off with Roger's flash drive.

They went to Club Amnesia where Fresh Daddy had another gig.

Furious Roger followed Kalifah to Club Amnesia with Police officers in order to recover his flash drive. Their pleas fell on deaf ears as Kalifah was not willing to handover the drive. The situation was calmed down by the authorities, but Roger vowed to sue Kalifah for stealing his flash drive.

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